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LeeAnn believes there is an art to asking for what you want. Her playful and insightful look shows her audiences how to “Talk to be heard, and how to listen to actually hear.” Her speaking style takes her audiences on a journey and teams giggle as she twines both inspirational stories and humorous examples that drive her point “home”. LeeAnn’s “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace” is both a management and team pleaser.

Some of LeeAnn’s signature talks include:

    • Kolbe Team Success – Enhance Communication, Improve Team Synergy, Boost Performance
    • Building an ACE Team – Creating Accountable, Collaborative, and Engaged teams
    • The Power of One – Understanding your role and expectiations as an individual on the team

Specifically for dentistry clients, LeeAnn presents “The Keys to Case Acceptance” and “The Wave of Dental Hygiene”.

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Customized Workshops and Speaking/Lectures. LeeAnn designs and enthusiastically delivers thought provoking and inspirational talks to motivate teams.

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TriOpus Group

TriOpus Group is well recognized and known for their tailored, ‘real-life’, proven and results oriented training programs. Originally founded in 2002 as a merger of three independent consultancies, TriOpus continues to proudly serve clients of all sizes in a diverse array of industries across North America.

This ’boutique’ training company will exceed all client expectations. They spend the time to get to know their clients, assess their needs, and collaborate to make customized event and training solutions. TriOpus programs are engaging, relevant, fun, and results oriented, setting its participants up for success in developing new skills to embrace change.

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Executive Coaching

LeeAnn can provide your dental office with full service dental practice management consulting, and dental seminars plus cutting edge dental speaking, knowledge, dental team training and executive coaching. If you are in search of a dental practice executive coaching contact LeeAnn to book today.


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