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LeeAnn’s intuitive gifts, enthusiasm for life, business experience/entrepreneur mind, and her genuine caring is what moves companies and their teams to success. She is able to inspire and produce results.

LeeAnn is a facilitator,visionary and takes teams to a new understanding to create synergy, which paves the way for growth. LeeAnn’s decade plus of business coaching and experience as owner of a boutique niche coaching and consulting company, she has assisted executives and their teams to reach their goals. Her design savvy and experience in image and design allows her to see what her clients cannot always see.

LeeAnn is a mix of free spirit and progressive who believes one can do anything. She is currently writing her first book, ‘How to Ask for What you Want.’ There is nothing more rewarding to her than working with executives, their teams and businesses, to get them to see and move to a different, to a more productive synergetic space. LeeAnn has spoken across Canada and is an international speaker. Her workshops are engaging and captivating. Her audience and teams feel her love of life and people. LeeAnn’s greatest joy comes from the opportunity to inspire those who choose her to be their speaker, coach, facilitator.

LeeAnn’s greatest joy comes from the opportunity to inspire those who choose her to be their speaker, coach, facilitator.

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The only thing that you really get to count on is that nothing stays the same.

In business and in life we are impacted by our surroundings so to be prepared is key in” survive to thrive”. I can assist you with this confidence and support to ease through tumultuous times, things that we cant see coming, I will support and give you the right tools and create a mindset , to feel everything will more then work out.


When the sky seems to be falling or you just can’t seem to build momentum, that stuck place, and you know you need something injected into your business, or your team is in need of that support or motivation thats when we PIVOT.

I will provide solutions, support, shift the mindset, and make a strategic plan.


To create and bring in energy that one pivot/ injection of business acumen or support.

When we begin to understand how we instinctively think, make decisions and how our team does, we then begin the shift from the ole shot in the dark, lol, to tapping into the instinctual talents of our team. I will provide you with the catalyst through my workshops or coaching programs.


To succeed, to exceed expectations, to begin to see what is possible. I will tap into the talents of your team, your drive, and assist you to reach your goals, this is my soul purpose and commitment.

More than 20 Years
of Experience

We work with ambitious leaders who want their future to be successful and help them achieve extraordinary outcomes.


Strategic Planning


Individual Coaching


Change Management


Shaping Corporate Talent

My Mission High Impact Learning = Bottom Line Results

I believe in:

  • Collaboration: Achieving business results together with our programs
  • Communication: Creating transparency and team synergy that takes your teams to new heights
  • Change: Bringing needed change and accountability to your organization

My commitment is to build from your strengths and add new ideas using proven models, customizing programs to ensure your specific goals are achieved. My course concepts are proven and are guaranteed to have practical application in the workplace.

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