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I am not only a self proclaimed “Workshop Wizard & Coaching Queen”

I’ve been doing it for 20 years! I love love love the magic that can happen with a group of people willing to pivot, shift and expand how they do things. The time in workshops or custom coaching sessions is time well spent creating your vision, renewing your focus, and having fun as we expand to make a difference in how we show up each day. 

Together we may teach ourselves and our teams the keys to being Accountable, Collaborative, and Engaged.

I believe in being better than yesterday, Improving performance = Increased productivity & synergy 

As a Kolbe Certified Consultant,  I use Kolbe Wisdom to analyze the way we take purposeful action and provide strategies for improving individuals and group performance.

My natural abilities – or my MO of 3 3 9 4 (ask me more), my enthusiasm for life, business experience, entrepreneurial mindset, and passion will assist you and move you to next level success. I look forward to being the person who lifts you and your team up, and gives you renewed energy to create synergy and team engagement. I love to inspire and together we will produce results. “I truly believe I was born to coach in business. My intuitive gifts and natural talents are part of the reason I will rock it for you!” Click here to learn more about maximizing your natural talents though Kolbe.

Your Rockstar Coach and Friend,

LeeAnn Michele Shipowick


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Pivot! navigate uncertain times with an expert coach on your side

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Reach out to me through email, phone or text to start the conversation. 


We will have a conversation to gain insight and understanding of your “wants”/goals, so I can create a customized plan for you and your business.


Ready to level up? Congrats! We’ll set coaching/workshop dates and outline the roadmap ahead.


Your program will typically start with an in depth coaching conversation or an observation period where I assess your team/organization.


Your program is now in action! Your business and team will need to make changes to see changes. Don’t worry, it will be for the better!


We work together towards your goals. New challenges or opportunities will arise, and I will be there to help you navigate and to pivot your program to ensure you get a max return

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“A coach is someone to hold you accountable for your life, to make sure you live up to your potential.”